Welcome to DeMile Martial Arts Academy

DeMile Martial Arts (DMA) offers a variety of world class martial art, self-defense,Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, competition, and fitness training programs. 

We provide comprehensive JKD/WCD martial arts training stemming from  the science  of  Bruce Lee's fighting principles that focuses on speed, power, trapping, and natural energy flow.

As a authorized Badger Brazilian Jiu jitsu Affliate School and "Jiu-Jitisu for Life" Competition team member DMA offers world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.

We also offer world class DSD DeMile self-defense training which integrate Bruce Lee's trapping and speed concepts with Krav Maga CQC applications and Street fighting Jiu Jitsu techniques.

DMA is designed to provide each individual with practical self-defense techniques, security awareness,physical preparation,  and increased confidence for a constantly changing world.


Watch James DeMile Speed Timer & Bruce Lee on World of Martial Arts');
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DeMile Martial  Arts 
Mailing Address:

31590 115th Ave SE Auburn WA 98092
Phone: 425-417-0816
Email: ken_demile@yahoo.com

BJJ School Address:

905 Harvey Road 

Auburn Wa 98001

DeMile Self-Defense/JKD/ Bootcamp Address:

2016 S. 320th St. Suite C

Federal Way WA,98003

By appointment only

Phone 425-417-0816

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